Winter is finally over, and the spring real estate market is upon us. Demand for housing is still strong, and fears of a bubble seem to be old news now.
As mentioned in CMHC’s recent National Housing Outlook:

Overall, despite the uncertainty surrounding recent oil price declines, economic conditions in Canada are forecast to remain supportive of housing demand.

Spring has become the time when big banks start their mortgage price wars. Even though the big banks slightly reduce their rates, mortgage brokers have had access to low rates for several months.
Interest rates are important, but not all mortgages are created equal. Now more than ever, it makes more sense to use mortgage professionals not only to ensure the best rate for your circumstance but also so you can understand all the features and options.
While interest rates are still at historical lows and with big banks making noise over the next while about their products, now is an ideal time to have us guide you through the maze of options that are available from the many mortgage lenders we have access to.
If you’re thinking of buying your first home or your next home, this is the best time to get a mortgage pre-approval and lock in that rate for up to 120 days. You’ll know exactly what you can afford and have your mortgage ready in hand.
We’re here to help you, and our job is to make mortgages simple.