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If you are building a new home, it is important to speak with your builder to determine the type of financing that is required. When you’re looking into a building a home mortgage, it will generally be one of the following two options:

Option 1: Completion Mortgage.

In this type of mortgage, no funds are released to the builder throughout the process, once the home is complete and you take possession, the builder is paid in full and your new mortgage term will commence with regular monthly mortgage payments!

As with any new home purchase, you will need to avoid doing anything that could change your financial position or your credit score prior to taking possession, such as financing a large purchase or changing jobs. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our mortgage brokers today! 

Build Home Mortgage
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Option 2: Draw Mortgage

This type of mortgage, funds are released throughout the building stages known as “draws”.

Depending on the lender, there are generally three to four stages where funds will be due to the builder. At each interval, an appraiser is required to ensure enough progress has been met, and the New Home Warranty policies are being followed.

Interest-only payments are charged to you throughout the various stages, and once the house has been completed, your mortgage term commences with regular monthly mortgage payments. Want to learn more about Draw Mortgages? Contact one of our Mortgage Brokers today! 


Each builder is unique in which type of mortgage they require.

Regardless of whether you require a completion or a draw mortgage, we will continually watch rates as your home is being built to ensure you are getting the lowest rate upon possession.

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