Watch out for falling interest rates

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Interest rates

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It’s that time of the year again when all the buzz in the media is about falling interest rates and special limited time offers.
The real and more lasting benefit a mortgage broker provides is educating you how to use that lower rate to create substantially more value in your home equity, which will become the cornerstone of your overall financial security sooner rather than later.
Making the right choices today while interest rates are still low could be the greatest decision you ever make to secure your financial wellbeing. Having all the best rates at our disposal while being an expert in all things mortgages is your assurance of a well thought out mortgage plan.
It’s apparent that Canadians are becoming more aware of the value a mortgage professional brings, as per the most recent CMHC survey, which stated that 48% of all mortgages for first time homebuyers are arranged through mortgage brokers and 40% among repeat buyers.
So while you’re watching out for falling interest rates, make sure you get the advice and counsel you deserve that will make the real difference today and tomorrow. Call or email us today.