In the summer of 2013, Lethbridge City Council announced they had approved the sale of 66 acres of land in West Lethbridge to a commercial developer. This was the final step they needed to bring their dream of a new city within a city to the Westside: The Crossings.
As development in West Lethbridge matures, The Crossings will become the heart of this sector of the city. It will combine urban living opportunities with suburban neighbourhood charm and will be designed around 4 community pillars: commerce, residential living, knowledge, and recreation.


If you live in The Crossings (or even in the nearby Copperwood, Garry Station, or Blackfoot areas), this will be a convenient location for many of your commercial needs, including markets, shops, restaurants, and entertainment. It will be a centre for employment and retail. It’s close proximity to Whoop Up Drive and Benton Drive will provide easy access to people from other parts of the Westside.


The Crossings will have a diverse selection of residential options—brownstones, single family, condos—and relatively loose architectural controls will prove new homeowners the flexibility to create a home that matches their uniqueness.


The first development in The Crossings was a massive building that contains two high schools and a public library. It offers learning opportunities for students and the general community, and future additions—such as art galleries, bookstores, or cafés—could increase knowledge opportunities in the neighbourhood.


Pathways, parks, ponds, sports fields, an ice complex, and an aquatic centre bring the neighbourhood alive in this urban village, and they provide a tranquil place nearby for residents to relax and have fun. And those are just the amenities that are built (or being built) right now. There is the potential for so much more.
If you’re interested in buying a home in The Crossings, contact us to discuss financing options.