It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over and that we’ll be back normal routines soon. Generally, autumn is a good time to purchase a home, and this year it might be even busier with low interest rates and greater home selection than in the spring.
While the weather will cool soon, the mortgage market remains hot.
As mortgage brokers, we have access to many specialized lenders, giving you more options than we’ve seen in a long while. All this is great news for you. Now’s the best time to review an existing mortgage and determine if you should renew early or refinance to take advantage of all the options.
The Globe and Mail recently quoted Bank of Nova Scotia senior economist Adrienne Warren, stating: “The persistence of exceptionally low borrowing costs will likely maintain a healthy level of sales in the coming months.”
We can let you know if it makes sense for you to renew or refinance your mortgage and perhaps save thousands. It often makes sense to refinance if you consolidate higher interest debt at the same time. With our expertise, we can help you determine if there’s an opportunity to reduce your monthly payment, save you thousands in unnecessary interest, and have your mortgage paid off years sooner.
Whether it’s buying this fall or simply having a Mortgage Checkup, phone us today and let’s get started.