Mortgage broker clients more satisfied than bank clients

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Home ownership, Mortgages

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Mortgage Professionals Canada (formerly CAAMP) recently hired Bond Brand Loyalty (formerly Maritz) to survey 2,000 Canadian homeowners. In the survey, 45% of mortgage broker clients indicated that they were “very satisfied” with their mortgage experience, compared to only 39% of bank clients.
In today’s mortgage environment, it’s critical not only to access the lender options available only through mortgage brokers but also to learn strategies and techniques that’ll simplify how you manage your mortgage when interest rates rise.
Mortgage brokers could save you thousands of dollars in interest and help reduce undue stress. Receiving solid, unbiased advice around your largest debt is critical to your long-term financial security.
Your home is still the safest way to build up considerable equity tax-free as the proceeds from your principal residence are tax exempt, which is a significant advantage over other investments. This is why home ownership is a cornerstone of a long-term financial plan.
When reviewing your financial situation, buying a home or investment property, it’s definitely the right time for real advice. Contact us today.