Have you had a fall mortgage checkup? Why you should

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Mortgages

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Many of us don’t want the summer to be over, but the fall season is here now, and we’ve resumed our normal routines. Traditionally, this is the season when Canadians scrutinize their finances—particularly their mortgage—and plan for the upcoming year.
Most home owners sign up for a 5-year term when taking out a mortgage, but things can change in the course of 1 year let alone over 5 years: unexpected debts, children heading to college or university, and home renovations to name a few.
Have you considered increasing your payments and taking advantage of prepayment options? Everyone wants a smaller mortgage, and we can show you how much interest you’ll save and how much sooner you can pay your mortgage off.
We explain the options and opportunities available to you currently. For example, we could increase your existing mortgage or add a line of credit that can be used to get rid of credit card and other debts, pay for renovations, and so on. Alternatively, we can explore tax saving opportunities made by borrowing to invest in real estate or other investments.
Contact us today for your fall mortgage checkup.