7 important spring lawn care tips

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Home maintenance

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Winter can do quite a number on your lawn. It can compact the soil, alter pH, and improve conditions for weeds and disease. Fear not, however. Follow these 7 tips to give your lawn the best chances to be lush, soft, and green.

1. Check for uneven ground

Cut away any high spots in your yard with a shovel, and fill in any depressions.

2. Loosen the soil

The weight of snow and ice on your lawn, as well as the making of snow angels, snow forts, and snowmen, all compact your soil. Use an aerator to loosen it.

3. Dethatch

If your grass is getting too thick and dense, it can be difficult for water and nutrients to reach the soil. Remedy this with a thatch rake or a mechanized dethatcher.

4. Reseed

You will need to plant seed in bare or brown spots, including any repair work you’ve done. You can do it by hand if the spot is small, but use a broadcast spreader if it’s large.

5. Fertilize

Once the grass begins growing, use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to encourage growth.

6. Apply herbicide

To help with fertilization, apply a pre-emergent herbicide. This will target weeds before their seeds germinate. This can harm new grass, too, so do it on established lawns only.

7. Prepare mower

Make sure your mower has been cleaned before it’s time to start mowing. You should also replace the spark plug, sharpen the blade, change the oil, and replace the filter.
Following these 7 tips early on can make a big difference in ensuring your yard has a full, beautiful lawn.