6 ways to get your yard ready now for summer

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Home maintenance, Home ownership

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Now that spring is technically just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start preparing your yard for summer. Here are 6 things you can do in early spring to recover from winter and make summer maintenance easier:

1.Clean drainage ditches

If you have drainage ditches in your yard, clear them of vegetative growth and branches to ensure ideal drainage conditions.

2. Check raised beds

The extra weight from snow and ice can provide a lot of strain on raised garden beds. Check for and repair bowed sides, rotted stakes, and other signs of wear.

3. Fix trellises and fencing

Before your grass and flowers come up and your trees start budding, repair trellises and fencing. It’s easier to do this with less vegetative growth being in the way.

4. Start weeding

It might seem odd to start weeding now, but if you check your garden, you may see some early weeds emerging. Get these early before they take hold too much.

5. Replace mulch

If your mulched areas have bare spots, be sure to fill them in. This will ensure your plants retain as much spring moisture as possible.

6. Rake yard

Despite your best efforts to rake up leaves in the fall, you’ll still have some on your lawn in the spring. Rake your yard to clean up old leaves and small twigs before grass emerges.
Following these 6 tips will give you a head start on spring and will help you enjoy your yard for many weeks.
What are your favourite early spring yard maintenance tips? Let us know in the comments below.