Once you figure out what you can afford to pay for a house and obtain a pre‐qualified mortgage, you’re ready to start searching. There are a variety of sources you can use to find the home that is right for you. Here are just 6:

1. Word of mouth

By telling everyone you know that you’re looking for a home, you might hear about homes that are have yet to be advertised.

2. Newspapers and real estate magazines

Check the new homes section in daily newspapers, or look for real estate magazines available at newsstands, convenience stores, and other outlets.  These free publications feature pictures and brief descriptions of a variety of homes.

3. Internet

Check out real estate websites, such as MLS, for information and pictures of a wide range of properties. This site allows you to narrow your search by location, price, number of bedrooms, and other features.

4. For sale signs

Drive around a neighbourhood that interests you and look for “For Sale” signs. This is a good way to find homes that are being sold by the owner.

5. Visit new development sites

If you’re looking for a newly built home, this’ll allow you to see the different models available and to get information from builders.

6. Work with a real estate agent

For most buyers, a real estate agent is the key to finding the right home. They’ll look for you while you’re busy living your life.