5 ways to invest in your home’s security

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Home ownership

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Once you’ve finally settled into your new home, you’ll want to protect your home. Home security is an important component of home ownership. Keeping your home secure protects your home and your family for years to come.
Here are 5 areas where you should invest to protect your new home:

1. Get new locks

After you take possession of your new home, change all the locks. You never know how many copies of keys were made by the previous owners. Also, consider adding deadbolt locks and window locks where necessary.

2. Get a security system

Consider getting a security system. They are an added level of protection in case would be thieves make it past your locks. Plus, some property insurance companies may offer you a lower rate if you have a security system.

3. Improve your lighting

Use outdoor lighting, especially to illuminate your doorways and windows. You can get lights that turn on based on a schedule or if they detect movement. However, use outdoor lighting judiciously to be more energy‐efficient.
When you’re away from home, use lights and radios on automatic timers and arrange to have your mail and newspapers picked up or discontinued. This way, it’ll be less likely for people to tell that you’re not home.

4. Know your neighbours

Get to know your neighbours, and keep an eye out for each other.

5. Know who to contact

Keep a list of emergency phone numbers (including 911, poison prevention line, doctors, relatives, neighbours, and friends) close to the phone, and make sure your children and babysitters are aware of it.
Taking a few precautions will help you protect your home for years to come and will give you peace of mind.