5 reasons to inspect your roof when buying a home

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Inspections

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One sure sign that spring is here is that people start to get the home buying itch.
If you’re considering buying a home this spring, make sure you have the roof inspected by a roofing professional before finalizing the sale. Here’s why:

1. Inspectors don’t go on your roof

Most home inspectors never go on your roof to check its condition. Because they typically look at your roof from the ground, they may miss minor or concealed issues. Having someone check your roof who installs them for a living ensures that nothing remains overlooked.

2. Roofs lack expected quality

Your roof is one area that can lack in the quality you’d expect it to have. Professional roofing inspectors often discover various issues with even the seemingly pristine roofs, including damaged shingles, ridge vents, poor spacing between roofing material and siding, and torn rubber boot flashings.

3. Condition can affect home insurance

If your roof is not in ideal condition, it can affect your insurance policy, as well as its premiums, coverage, and deductibles. A roofing professional can discover issues before you purchase your home, so you can make sure they get fixed before purchasing.

4. Even new homes can have problems

New homes come with a warranty for a reason: despite the best efforts of contractors, some issues can arise. Having a third-party professional inspect your new roof can make you aware of potential issues early on.

5. Quick fixes are poor long term solutions

While a home inspector may discover problems with the roof of the new home, the report of those issues will not be comprehensive. If the problems in the report are all that is addressed, underlying issues may remain undetected, leading to bigger problems down the road.
If you’re interested in a thorough roofing inspection, contact a qualified roofing specialist.