At Mortgage Design Group, we’re committed to finding you the Right Mortgage to fit your needs. And you don’t need to be a seasoned homebuyer to buy a home. We recognize that every situation is unique, but our extensive team has both broad and in-depth experience that can get you the mortgage you need, no matter your life situation. Want to know who we can help? Check out our 4 Types of Homeowners we can help with below!

First-time homebuyers

We guide you through the home-buying process step-by-step. Mortgages are complicated, so we’re here to help make the biggest purchase of your life easier. Check out these posts about first-time homebuying:

New Canadians

Canada accepts approximately 250,000 immigrants each year from around the world. We can help you find the best housing solutions available.


These days, because of rules brought in recently by CMHC, borrowing money to buy a home has become harder for many of the country’s 2.75 million self-employed workers, a group that, according to Statistics Canada, has a higher median net worth than paid employees. We can help turn the tables.

Here are a couple of posts on buying when self-employed:


When your family or lifestyle has outgrown your home it’s time to trade it in and move up. But how do you know it’s time? Read these posts for more information:


Those are our 4 Types of Homeowners we can help. But that doesn’t mean we can’t assess your situation and assist! Whatever your situation, we can help. Contact us today.