4 areas to focus on during your home spring cleaning

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Home maintenance

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Summer is just around the corner, so if you haven’t performed spring maintenance around your home, now is the perfect time. The weather is beautiful, and it will make working outside enjoyable.
Here are 4 key areas to focus on as you clean up from winter.

1. Clean your windows

Winter storms can leave nasty residue on your windows, so make sure you get them sparkly clean. It will help your windows last longer and give you a more pleasant view. When you remove your screens to access your windows, give them a hose down to get them clean, too.

2. Clean your eavestroughs

If you haven’t already done it, clean out any leaves from your eavestroughs. Leaves that remain in your eavestroughs can decompose, providing rich soil for tree and weed seeds to sprout in. Plus, they clog downspouts, leading to water cascading over the eavestroughs during rainstorms. The rainy season is just about on us, so making sure your eavestroughs are clean will help direct water away from your home’s foundation.

3. Check your roof

Constant freezing and warming during Southern Alberta winters can wear down your roof, damaging shingles and working nails loose. Strong Chinook winds play a big part in that, too. While you’re checking your eavestroughs anyhow, do a quick check of your roof. Look for torn shingles, holes from fallen branches, and loose nails.

4. Clean out your storage

Everyone loves to use the garage and shed as a place to quickly throw things in, like oversized junk drawers. Take some time to remove everything from your garage and shed. Sort it into things to stay and things to go. Put the stay pile back into your garage and shed, but keep items organized. For anything leftover, throw out the garbage and donate anything that’s still useable.
What areas of your home do you focus on during spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments below.