3 things each home appraisal should include

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Appraisals

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Having an independent appraisal done on a property before you make an offer is a good idea. It’ll tell you what the property is worth and help ensure that you don’t pay too much. Your lender can also ask for a recognized appraisal to complete a mortgage loan.
The appraisal should include the following 3 things:

  1. Unbiased assessment of the property’s physical and functional characteristics
  2. Analysis of recent comparable sales
  3. Assessment of current market conditions affecting the property.

Appraisal fees may vary but you shouldn’t pay more than $250–350 in most areas for a typical single-family house.
If you’re interested in having an appraisal done on your current home or a potential new home, let us know. We have preferred appraisers we’d be happy to refer you to.