3 Areas Where a Mortgage Broker Can Help When You Buy a Home

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Mortgages

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We can help make the biggest purchase of your life easier.

Whether you’re about to take that next big step and purchase your first home or you’re ready to “move on up”, we offer the information and resources you need, as well as helpful tips.

1. Pre-approval

Pre-approval provides you with a specific dollar amount that you can afford. Lenders and sellers will know you are serious about buying when it’s time to make an offer. In hot real estate markets, a buyer may need to act fast; if the competing buyer has a pre-approval in hand and you don’t, they win. A pre-approval is quick and painless; usually you can get pre-approved within 24 hours with the necessary income verification and supporting paperwork on hand. It’s the right step in your home purchase process.

2. Are you a first-time home buyer?

You have dreamed about it, planned for it, and you’re ready to make the biggest financial decision of your life! We can help you open the door to home ownership and a better future. Investing in your own home really is like investing in yourself. Whether you are recently graduated, just married or simply tired of throwing your money away every month on rent you need the services of a top producing Mortgage Alliance Professional to answer your questions. Remember, we work for you, not the banks or other lenders, so you get unbiased advice.

3. Purchasing your next home

It’s a great time to talk to a Mortgage Alliance Professional. We have the knowledge you need to help you make the right decisions, including advice on mortgage financing options you may want to consider when buying or selling. Remember, you have options!

From choosing the right mortgage to paying for the expenses associated with your home purchase, we can offer you some real options. Concerned about breaking your mortgage contract or losing your low interest rate when you sell your home? We can help you assess your current mortgage and review what’s in your best interest.

Contact us today, and let’s get you into your dream home.