20 tips for getting your home ready for winter

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Home maintenance

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Winters in Canada can be harsh. Luckily, modern technology allows us to live in homes that can protect us from the cold. In order to ensure these home protect us for many years, we must vigilantly take care of issues that waste energy or may result in costly repairs later.

Here are 20 tips for not only keeping your home warm, but for saving you money and prevent future damage.

  1. Tune up your heating system

  2. Reverse your ceiling fans

  3. Fix air leaks and attic insulation to prevent ice dams

  4. Caulk windows and doors

  5. Clean eavestroughs

  6. Add extensions to downspouts

  7. Turn off water supply to outside faucet

  8. Drain your lawn irrigation system

  9. Mulch your leaves with your mower instead of raking them

  10. Empty your mower of fuel or add stabilizer to the fuel

  11. Don’t prune trees and shrubs until late winter

  12. Test your sump pump

  13. Clean out your fireplace chimney

  14. Stock up on rock salt or ice melt

  15. Clean and repair patio furniture

  16. Replenish firewood stock

  17. Make sure your snow shovel/blower is in good shape

  18. Check foundation for cracks

  19. Organize your garage

  20. Drain your garden house, and store it inside

What other things do you do to prepare your home for winter?