2 differences between banks and mortgage brokers

by | Feb 25, 2015 | Mortgages

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Canadians are discovering that there are 2 big differences between the big banks and a mortgage broker.

1. Banks offer only their own products.

A bank can offer only their individual products and with no clear definition on what the best discount and mortgage offering is. It becomes a game of haggling. The banks want to fit you into their products, compared to a mortgage broker, who wants to fit you into the right mortgage.

2. Banks save you less money.

Getting a mortgage professional like us to arrange your mortgage instead of going to your bank not only provides you with valuable counsel, but it could easily save you thousands of dollars and could shave years off your mortgage. Let’s face it, the best mortgage is the one that’s paid off.
A lower interest rate is great news for most Canadians, especially those who have mortgages and other debts. Implementing strategies that could shave years off your mortgage while noticeably increasing your overall net worth just makes sense.
With our expertise in all things mortgages, we can help you navigate the course that will save you thousands and increase your overall net worth faster than you probably think is possible.
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