Do you live in a small space? Do you struggle with keeping on top of clutter?
One of the biggest challenges with small space living is finding space to store all of your stuff. You’ve probably pared down your belonging countless times, but still haven’t been able to quite find the right solutions.
Here are 7 ways to increase storage in small spaces. Maybe you’ve done some of these already; maybe you’ve done none. Either way, hopefully, these inspire you to find more storage space.

1. Get your shelves off the floor

The problem with conventional bookshelves is that they take up valuable floor real estate. Attaching shelves directly to the wall frees up that space, where it can be used by bins, boxes, or baskets.

2. Store high

One of the biggest culprits of poor storage in small spaces is short, wide storage (such as dressers and bookshelves). If you do need to use floor space, go for storage that is tall and narrow. It uses less floor space by swapping it for unused wall and air space.

3. Look for voids

You might find extra space that is being unused. Behind a door, for example, or beside a pantry. Set up storage in these spaces.

4. Install wall lighting

Adding lighting to the wall can free end tables, night tables, and floor space for other storage.

5. Use hooks

Rather than using cupboards and shelves to store everything, consider adding hooks as a storage option. For example, you can install hooks on the side of kitchen cabinets as a place store pots, pans, measuring cups, and other utensils.

6. Use multipurpose furniture

Instead of putting a bookshelf and a desk in the same room, modify some of the shelves to act as a desk. Use a short bookshelf as an end table.

7. Modify furniture

Modify your bedframe or your living room couch to contain drawers underneath. With the right paint and hardware, they can look stylish while also increasing your storage space. Hollow ottomans can also serve as storage.

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