Dave Braun

Dave Braun

Mortgage Broker

Location: Lethbridge

Phone: 403-359-2800


Who is your ideal client and why should they connect with you?

Having spent the 16 years operating heavy equipment and working in trades, I feel that I can appreciate and relate to the working class family. It is my goal to facilitate and guide those people into the homes that they have worked so hard for.

Mortgages can be a confusing and strenuous ordeal, I’m here to make that process simple and more fulfilling. Let me take the stress away so you can enjoy your home buying experience!


Who am I?

I was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but have lived in Lethbridge, Alberta for over 20 years. Straight out of high school I was always the blue collar type, always getting my hands dirty. Having plans to start a family with my soon to be wife, I wanted a career that offered a challenging, yet balanced rule of work and life.

I’m a huge sports fan and love the outdoors. There’s nothing better to me than sitting around the fire while I play and sing for friends and family. I love fixing and building almost anything, and have always believed that you get what you work for and not what you wish for.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


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