Angel Cortes

Angel Cortes

Mortgage Broker

Location: Lethbridge

Phone: 587-220-6529

Fax: 403-942-4098

What made you want to become a Mortgage Broker?

I became a broker to be able to offer my clients the best product and rate possible. After 10 years of working for the banks, I realized I could do much more for clients as a mortgage

What is your favorite part of the job/mortgage industry?

Meeting people and helping them save money.

What do you think are your best skills that you bring to be a Mortgage Broker?

I am honest and truly care for my clients.


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What Angel‘s customers are saying:

Angel really knows what he is talking about! He brings so much experience to the table and will get you the best deal possible. I send a lot of my clients his way because I know he will treat them right and with respect. I also know he is willing to work with you to create a pre-plan to get you into a mortgage.

Brooke B.

I have been very impressed with Angel Cortez he was very good and even though my situation didn’t allow for a mortgage that I wanted he told me exactly what I needed to change to game plan for my future mortgage. I now feel like I have a plan in place! I got the vibe he truly cared even after he knew I wasn’t going to make him money at this time! Definitely better then other brokers I’ve met.

Ken H.

Angel is great! This guy is a go getter, passionate and does his best to make his clients happy. Angel is always looking to find the best products for his clients that best suits their needs. He is genuine and has an easy going nature that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Brad P.

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