This summer will be hot. Since it’s still relatively cool out, now’s the perfect time to prepare your home to beat the heat. Follow these 6 steps to keep your home cool and your energy bill low.

1. Maintain your air conditioner

Regular maintenance keeps your A/C running smoothly and helps it last longer. Clean the condensing unit, evaporator coil, and condensate drain line and replace the filter. If you notice any bent fins, fix them with a fin-straightening tool; bent fins restrict airflow, reducing the efficiency of your unit. Do it yourself, or hire a professional.

2. Prep your windows

Are your windows properly sealed? Leaky windows let in hot air and let out cool air, causing your air conditioner to use more energy and run up your bill. Buy high-quality caulking material to fill the gaps and seal those air leaks. After tackling your windows, seal any gaps around your doors and your attic hatchway.

3. Reverse your ceiling fans

In the summer, run your ceiling fan counter-clockwise. This forces the air in the room downward, which helps you directly feel the breeze and keep cool.

4. Add window coverings

Window treatments can cool your house, reducing your heat gain by up to 77%. Curtains can reduce heat gain, as long as they’re not too dark yet not too light and are made from a closed fabric (as opposed to open weave). Blinds are another simple fix that let you control how much light enters your home. As well, set up retractable awnings in light colours over your windows to reflect more sunlight away.

5. Update your attic’s insulation

During the warm summer months, our walls and floors feel like they get 10 times hotter. Why? The sun’s energy hits your roof and travels into your attic, spreading heat throughout your home. By updating your attic’s insulation, it can retain cool air and minimize how much heat passes through. It’ll also keep your energy bills from skyrocketing.

6. Use a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats not only save energy and lower your bills but also make your life more comfortable and convenient. Imagine you’re on your way home from work on one of the hottest days of summer. Your smartphone can even tell your thermostat that you’re only 10 minutes away and to start cooling down your home.

Follow these 6 handy tips, and you and your family should be able to enjoy a worry-free summer making lots of great memories with neighbours, friends, and loved ones, all while you save money on cooling costs.

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