To protect your home and stay warm this winter, follow these 5 handy tips.

1. Know where your water shut off is

If you’re going away for the holidays, consider turning off the water supply to your home, then drain the water in your system by running the faucets and flushing the toilet. This will prevent water from freezing and subsequently bursting your pipes.

Even outside of winter, it’s good to know where your water main shut off, in case there’s a plumbing emergency.

2. Make sure heat sources work

Whether you use a fireplace, wood stove, furnace, electrical heater, or a combination, make sure each is working properly and that maintenance is up to date, including clean chimneys, sealed joints, and new air filters.

Speaking of heating elements, have a fire extinguisher (or several of them) in your home. Ensure that it isn’t expired and that you know how to use it.

3. Bundle up

Bundling up will help keep you warm without requiring you to set your thermostat so high. Dress in layers (throw a hoodie over your T-shirt or wear long underwear under your leggings), wear slippers, and keep a cozy blanket handy near your favourite sitting place. You’ll be warm, and your heating bill will drop.

4. Stock up on winter essentials

Be sure to have everything you need to keep yourself safe and warm this winter, including an alternative heat source, sand, salt, and shovels. Oh, and remember to keep a shovel in your vehicle, just in case you get stuck in a snow drift.

5. Don’t keep your blinds too low

If your blinds rest on your window sill, they could prevent air circulation. This could lead to excess condensation on your windows, which may result in moisture problems, such as mold, mildew, and damage to your wall’s finishing.

Being prepared is the key to keeping your home warm, safe, and comfortable this winter.

What’s your favourite tip for preparing your home for winter? Let us know in the comments.

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